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China's printing industry development of the most mature Pearl River Delta

Time:2014/7/19Author:adminClick: 4225
In 2006, AGFA's transfer of personnel across Asia and the shift in Asia's focus were undoubtedly a new deployment for the future in Asia. Mr. Berthee as the new president of the Asian region came to the development of China's printing industry, the most mature of the Pearl River Delta, and invited the Guangdong printing network as the southern media interview, we would like to express my heartfelt thanks!
China and other Asian regions, both domestic and export market.

Mr. Berthee has been working in the Asian region for more than 10 years in market management and has unique insights into the market operation of Asia. China is an exception: China itself is a very large consumer market, the Yangtze River Delta, the Bohai Sea is to meet the domestic market. China and South Korea have to meet the domestic market demand; Malaysia, ASEAN export-oriented; China is an exception: Of the main force in China's southern China due to foreign and Hong Kong enterprises for many reasons, the export of printed products occupy the main position.From the whole, the South China region has a strong competitive capacity.As for the AGFA chose Shanghai as the center of gravity, Which is due to the local facilities and Wuxi production base to consider the two aspects of Shanghai, whether north or south have a very good radiation, the maximum allow AGFA to meet the needs of the Chinese printing industry in urgent need of the current South China or AGFA A very important area.

Mr. Berthetti has made a difference between China and other Asian regions in the printing industry. China has always been the world's largest consumer market, especially in the printing industry, Chinese enterprises with its same cultural background and geographical advantages to promote the Yangtze River Delta and the Bohai Sea printing industry development. Which contributed to the two regional printing industry continued to grow the driving force. The South China region brings together a lot of Hong Kong, foreign companies, not only to promote the export capacity of printed products, more importantly, they are the printing industry both in technology and management have brought a great impact. South China's local printing enterprises in the constant impact of the same time, is gradually turning to domestic and export balance. Saying goes, "no way back", in the process of Ebb Tide, each enterprise will face the problem of life and death. The domestic market spending power continues to improve, the quality of printed products have a higher demand, companies can adapt to market changes as soon as possible to enhance the technological level of enterprises is already an indispensable truth.

This is the AGFA in a short period of time to become China's pre-press technology leading the key. AGFA effectively provides high-quality prepress equipment to printing companies and is engaged in the color management system provided by AGFA. Color management system to focus on the entire printing process which, fundamentally help the printing business as soon as possible to improve product quality, so that customers timely adjustment of printing technology to meet the needs of the market.

AGFA drives innovation to market demand

Efforts to meet customer needs has always been the purpose of AGFA, AGFA also continue to introduce this new, leading the mainstream of pre-press technology. Everyone knows that as a business success are mostly customer first, to meet customer needs, expand product categories. Mr. Bertet believes that meeting the needs of the market is important to be familiar with the customer at the same time, product innovation to guide customers more needs. As Mr. Patté said: "AGFA has a very good feedback mechanism, AGFA through the service points set around in the production needs of customers, each AGFA people can more accurately to the Ministry of Technology on the market The demand situation, which in accordance with the overall production of customers to consider, innovation and a new product. "AGFA is so rely on a team of well-trained team and customers to establish a good communication to understand the needs of the market, to create the customer needs New product.

AGFA from the understanding of the needs of the market, product innovation, customer satisfaction to this process, AGFA every employee can perfectly match. Which became the core of AGFA's market share. "We have been a leader in prepress technology because we have been at the forefront of this technology, and we have been able to feed our customers to the needs of our customers," he said. Technology manufacturers follow our pace. "From this we can know that Mr. Berthee AGFA has been innovation as a brand innovation, and strive to put innovation into all the products which, and to be proud of. One color management system is one of the representative of AGFA innovation.

Mr. Berthee's innovative interpretation of the meaning to meet customer needs is indeed worthy of our printing business. Looking back at the printing business in the Pearl River Delta, only the constant pursuit of product quality of the printing business in the development of the industry in the capability. In particular, local enterprises, in the fierce competition in the appropriate adjustment of market direction, to enhance the technical level is essential. Yasushi heavy pre-press technology with the characteristics of each material to create creative unlimited print quality, which had to let customers praise endless; Yuanzhou Qin Da close to the development of technology, flexible use of new technology for production, to produce Selling fine books abroad; Gold Cup has been studying printing technology to print out other companies can not match the books. Which in the final analysis are the power of innovation to promote the continued development of these enterprises.

AGFA price adjustment to enhance value-added services

In addition to wanting to understand the printing industry in southern China, Mr. Berthee also wants to explain to the customer or the printing company - AGFA adjusts the product price in 2006. "The price adjustment is mainly due to a number of external objective factors: on the one hand, with the price of raw materials in the past year, the price of raw materials," said Mr. Berthee, "said the AGFA in 2006, after careful consideration, the price of the product will be adjusted. Rising prices, the main production material silver plate, aluminum prices in the global range increased by nearly 60% .On the other hand, AGFA to ensure product quality in the case of efforts to reduce the price of raw materials to enhance the impact of product prices, but this far Which is far from compensating for the rise in raw material prices. The price adjustment is expected to maintain AGFA's reasonable profit margins, so that AGFA will continue to invest in product technology and maintain better service support. Price adjustment hope that customers can understand the price adjustment will be more or less cost-effective for the customer, but in the long run, AGFA product technology and quality improvement, to a certain extent, can help customers reduce costs. Will provide customers with more value - added services, and as AGFA in the market competition force.

Mr. Berthee is confident of AGFA: "With the development of China's economy, the demand for printing and variable printing will continue to increase, and the demand for CTP in the printing industry will be maintained at a high level, but the price competition Will certainly affect the normal order of the market.Only to provide value-added services to customers, improve product cost, to maintain the healthy development of the market, this is the final way of market competition.AGFA past experience also proved to provide a full range of service direction is correct, And AGFA in service products also have better support.AGFA more emphasis on providing customers with a broad product line to update the technology products as AGFA flagship product.

Advocate green industry actively assume social responsibility

Mr. Berthee is particularly excited about our environmental issues in the printing industry: "In the past, AGFA has spared no effort in environmental protection, especially in technology research and development." In 2005, AGFA launched the Green Star version of the environment will not cause any The future of AGFA will continue to introduce more environmentally friendly products to reduce the printing production on the destruction of the environment, which is our responsibility to the community. "From the development of the environment point of view," Eleventh Five-Year Plan "to create The business environment is beneficial to the development of AGFA. "Eleventh Five-Year" advocated by the green enterprise, it is also advocated by AGFA.

AGFA - Pre-press technical advisor for printing companies

At the end of 2005, the Guangdong Printing and Packaging Leaders pointed out: "Pre-press is the most important part of the printing process, and this part of the talent level is uneven." AGFA in the future there will be what plans to improve China in this Aspects of the embarrassing situation? "AGFA will not only focus on the technical guidelines after the purchase of the company.AGFA more want to own as a prepress technology consultant, before the purchase to provide customers with more analysis, so that customers understand their own Production needs and the purchase of suitable products.Of course, after the purchase, we will provide technical training so that customers can buy products as soon as possible into production.In addition, in the Pearl River Delta AGFA and Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College has set up training points, For the industry to provide more technical - oriented professionals.

Pre-press training, Mr. Bertée not only focus on AGFA customers, but the AGFA training on the entire industry, standing on the height of the industry to provide services to all enterprises. For the promotion of new technology in prepress, Mr. Bertée believes that "in the Pearl River Delta CTP technology to further promote, in addition to the efforts of AGFA, foreign, Hong Kong or large-scale printing enterprises played a leading role, and the market for printing Product requirements will continue to promote the promotion of more printing companies use CTP prepress technology. "Mr. Bertée to a ring of the market effect applied to the promotion of CTP technology, while the market to guide customers, while the industry Training professional pre-press technical staff, brewing a better technical atmosphere.

Mr. Berthee stressed in the interview process: "technical innovation and customer communication is inseparable." AGFA's corporate culture has always been to encourage employees to communicate with each other, through continuous communication to technology and market synchronization, to provide personalized service to customers. AGFA has been able to maintain the leading level of technology, are due to AGFA and enterprises to establish a good relationship, timely grasp the needs of enterprises in production. And from all over the station to the headquarters of the information feedback, the headquarters of the technical support, so that customers get good service. In addition, AGFA also maintains long-term cooperation with distributors to achieve a win-win situation. AGFA internal, between customers, and distributors of communication are inseparable from AGFA advocated by people to communicate with each other.

The whole process of the interview, Mr. Bertet not only to show us AGFA China's printing industry in the future deployment, more of which he brought out the future of AGFA marketing concept. Let me appreciate the line of sight to go a little, vision to relax a little brought about by the "visual effects." Mr. Bertai from the consumer market point of view the printing industry demand for technology, from the new generation of personnel training brewing out the demand for new printing technology atmosphere. How can I not admire Mr. Bertet's marketing philosophy? There is also some hope that I can from the interview to bring some information to the press: innovation is the development of Changchun tree, and communication closer to the distance between business and customers. Leading one of the global prepress manufacturers - AGFA, the innovation, communication into the corporate culture. I believe that the success of enterprises, both in the past and the future are inseparable from innovation and communication of these two eternal topic.


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